Sunday, May 27th

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Directed by Michael Curtiz (1942, 1h 42m)
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / $16
Doors at 6:45PM / Film at 8:30PM

Join Cinespia for a romantic flight to Casablanca! Don’t miss the greatest love story in cinema on the big screen for the ultimate date night under the stars. 

A hazy bar in Morocco smolders when American expat Rick (Humphrey Bogart) is reunited with old flame Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman). On the run from Nazis with her new husband, Ilsa finds the romantic detour in Casablanca hard to leave behind. Will Rick and Ilsa rekindle their romance, or will they end their affair as time goes by? It’s your chance to watch the movie that tops all Best Film lists like you’ve never seen it. With a glamorous photo booth, beer and wine and romantic music at sunset, it will be a night to remember. 

Of all the movie joints in all the towns in all the world, watch Casablanca at Cinespia!