Saturday, September 20th

the Movie...

Directed by Roman Polanski (1968, 111 mins)
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / $14

Our Last Screening of the summer season!
Polanski’s haunting masterpiece lies at the intersection of the art film and the horror movie. Rosemary’s Baby is at once supremely intelligent and totally scary. Steeped in dream-like montages, colorful characters and pitch perfect paranoia, it is without a doubt one of the greatest horror films ever made. A young couple moves into a spooky building with an infamous past. Is a coven of witches after Rosemary’s unborn child, or is it madness? Mia Farrow’s performance is superb: she is at once vulnerable and resolute as she fends off a terrifying evil. Ruth Gordon won an Oscar for her role.

DJ Mahssa (Mt Analog, Finders/keepers) spins before and after the movie.