Cinespia Drive-In at the Greek

NOTICE: Please arrive early. All guests in a viewing party must arrive in the same car. CARS ARE LIMITED TO FOUR PATRONS per VEHICLE. Viewing position is first come first serve. All guests must comply with the rules and regulations of the venue and the instructions of The Greek and Cinespia Staff, as well as Park Rangers. Violators may be removed from the premises and the event.
PARKING: Once you have entered The Greek, you will be directed by multiple attendants to get you to the viewing area.
Below is important information about Cinespia At the Greek, Drive-In series and safety protocol. Please read carefully.
GATES open at 5:30pm, which is one hour before showtime. 
Please have your Eventbrite TICKET available and ready as you pull in. If printing is not available, have the attachment pulled up on your phone (full brightness) as well as your ID ready for guestlist inspection. 
All guests in each vehicle must bring a face covering to enter the premises. No exceptions.
In compliance with State and County requirements, we have established the following safety guidelines to protects our guests and staff:
Guests must remain in their vehicles for the duration of the movie. No sitting outside of the vehicle will be allowed.
Occupants of your car must be members of your household.
Congregating of any type is prohibited.
Face Coverings must be worn when exiting vehicles to visit the restrooms. Restrooms will have attendants cleaning and disinfecting regularly..
Social distancing of at least 6-feet will be enforced. 
No open convertible tops or sitting in truck beds or hatchbacks, enclosed vehicles only.
Order meals in advance and have them delivered to your car. All meals are prepackaged. Click the link in confirmation email for menu and ordering.
You will be turning into a designated FM station once you arrive to play the audio while you‘re watching on the big screen. Instructions will be given and assistance will be offered when you arrive. If you are having issues PLEASE FLASH YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS and assistance will be offered.
If you have trouble turning off your headlights in preparation for the show, PLEASE FLASH YOUR HAZARD LIGHTS and assistance will be offered before showtime. 
We hope you have a great night under the stars with Cinespia at the Greek.
When do I need to arrive for the event?
The Drive-in will open 60 minutes before the listed show time. Parking spots will be assigned on a first come first served basis. 
Do I need a mask to attend the event?
Yes. Upon entering, the driver and each passenger must show that they have their own mask. Masks will be required anytime a guest leaves the vehicle. 
How do I know where to park?
Vehicles will be guided to parking spots by event staff, and may be directed to certain areas of the lot based on the vehicle’s size to ensure an optimal viewing experience for all guests. Vehicles will be spaced every other parking spot or at least 6 feet apart. Best viewing will be vehicles facing forward, however if you would like to back into the space and open the back hatch, you may.
What should I do about my headlights?
Please dim your headlights before pulling into the theater and turn your lights (head, tail and interior) off before the screening starts.
What types of vehicles are allowed?
Oversized and unenclosed vehicles are prohibited, including but not limited to: large vans, limousines, mopeds, motorcycles, RVs, scooters, and vehicles with open tops.
Are bikes and pedestrians allowed?
Pedestrians and bicyclists will not be permitted within the perimeter of the ticketed event site.
A ticket is good for one car with up to 4 people total.
There is a ticket for cars of regular height, cars sedans, station wagons and a ticket for tall cars SUVs, pick-up trucks, vans. Make sure to get the ticket for the car you are going to bring!
Are pets/dogs allowed into the screening?
Only service animals are allowed and must be kept on leash.
Will there be food available?
Yes! Order meals in advance and have them delivered to your car. All meals are prepackaged.
There will be vegan and GF options available. Click the link in the confirmation email to order.
Can I bring my own food and drinks?
You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks inside. 
Can I bring alcohol?
Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited.
How should I dispose of trash?
There will be receptacles onsite, although please keep trash in your vehicle when possible. 
Please do not litter.
Will there be restrooms available?
Yes. Temporary restroom facilities will be available onsite, although it is encouraged to use the restroom before arriving. All onsite restrooms will undergo enhanced cleanings before, during and after each event. All guests are expected to practice social distancing while waiting in the line for restrooms. 
Can I picnic or tailgate during the film?
No. There is no picnicking on the grounds, vehicle roofs, hoods, trunks, or truck beds.
Can I leave my vehicle during the event?
All guests must stay inside their vehicle during the event except to use the restrooms.
Masks are required anytime you are outside your vehicle. When outside your vehicle, please be respectful of others’ space. 
Can I keep the engine idling?
Please refrain from idling your engine. If you need to periodically start your car to keep your battery charged, please limit the amount of time you are idling. Be aware that any lights in your car will be a distraction to others.
How will I hear the movie?
All films are broadcast and can be heard in your vehicle using your FM Radio.
The specific FM channel to tune to will be listed on the screen during the pre-show trailer.
If your vehicle is not equipped with a radio, it is recommended to bring one. The frequency will be provided at check-in and shown on screen, 
The Greek Theatre
2700 N Vermont Ave. Los Angeles 90027