Cinespia Salon: The Wild World of TVTV

Sunday, February 23rd

Cinespia Presents

The Event:

Cinefamily / $12

See Bill Murray crash the Oscars, in some of the wildest and funniest footage of the 70s!

Before “The Daily Show,” This is Spinal Tap and Heavy Metal Parking Lot – there was TVTV.

Radical, hilarious and influential, “Top Value Television” was a guerilla video collective who pioneered the use of portable, low-tech video gear, the small size and unusual nature of which allowed them unprecedented access to crash everything from presidential conventions, to the Oscars and the Super Bowl.

Their philosophy was to use their entertaining, eye-opening work as a means to break free from the stranglehold mainstream broadcasting had on American culture — and, as this salon will prove, they accomplished that goal with every single production they ever created.

To celebrate TVTV the evening features a reunion of TVTV members, with founder Allen Rucker and friends. After they entertain us with stories from back in the day we’ll watch a smorgasboard of TVTV works (featuring members like Bill Murray, Lily Tomlin, Chris Guest and Howard Hesseman!). This is going to be a fun night, don’t miss it!

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