Cinespia Salon: JIB KIDDER Live

Saturday, January 25th

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Cinefamily / $12

Undiscovered genius. We thought the term vanished in an age where something can be a worldwide phenomenon just hours after it is made and posted. A brilliant homegrown artist who remains unknown seems unheard of. This is why Cinespia’s excitement about Jib Kidder is at a fever pitch!

First, we heard his awesome new album IV: beautiful, melodic and soaring, but also rocking, driving and rad. Minds blown!
THEN we discovered that he had made videos for all eleven of his songs on IV, we were FLOORED. The videos are found-footage collages of everything from vintage commercials to home video, hilarious, strange, poignant and incredibly entertaining.

Then we find out that JK had been making music and video art for YEARS. We found out that he had 13 albums out and literally dozens of incredible, genius videos. Our jaws hit the floor.

Luckily Jib Kidder likes us too and is heading out to California for a rare live performance just for us. The Spanish Patio will be open with free snacks and a beer and wine bar and DJ CARLOS NINO spins rare and beautiful wax.

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