Room 104 Premiere

Thursday, July 27th

the show...

(2017, 75 mins. )
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / Free Admission - RSVP Ticket Required
gates at 7:15pm / show at 9pm

From the creators of The Skeleton Twins, Cyrus, Togetherness and Safety Not Guaranteed. The incomparable Jay and Mark Duplass return to HBO with a new half hour anthology series in the tradition of The Twilight Zone and Amazing Stories. 

If these walls could talk, Room 104 would be laughing, crying and screaming in fright! An ordinary hotel room has the most extraordinary things happen within. Each episode is a new story of what goes on behind its closed doors. From terrifying to heartwarming these tales will excite, scare and move you in ways no other show has. 

A 6 year old boy with a terrifying secret, a couple that relives their first night together 60 years later, a man whose career suddenly depends on his mom’s computer skills, every episode entertains, amuses and thrills. Room 104 captures the grand tradition of omnibus television in a new visionary way that could only come from The Duplass Brothers. 

Complimentary food from Joe’s Pizza, Bay Cities Deli, Holy Cow BBQ, Sweet Rose Creamery, Canter’s Deli and more. Picnic on the lawn, dance to DJ Daisy O’Dell, jump in our themed photobooth and be the first to watch this fascinating and suspenseful new show from small screen pioneers HBO. Cast and crew in attendance, see it in the cemetery if you dare!

NOTE: This show is free (first-come, first-serve).  To help us track attendance, you must get a ticket for admission.