Sunset Boulevard

Sunday, September 3rd

the Movie...

Directed by Billy Wilder (1950, 1h 50min)
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / $16
gates at 6:45pm / movie at 8:30pm

Labor Day Holiday Weekend!

The legendary film about the dark side of fame comes to Cinespia. A down-on-his-luck screenwriter stumbles upon a mysterious mansion on Sunset Blvd and enters a dark fairytale that could only be told in Hollywood. Through the cobwebs of a past opulent age of screen giants, a dashing William Holden wanders the eerie rooms of faded actress Norma Desmond. Wealth and fame are near his grasp, but murder lurks in the shadows. Sunset Blvd is gripping, witty and downright terrifying as Norma is played to perfection by Gloria Swanson in one of the most chilling performances in cinema.

You’ve never seen SUNSET BOULEVARD like this: next to the legendary Paramount Studios lot, where Norma Desmond plans her final comeback, by the resting place of director Cecil B. Demille, who gives her haunting close up, and the tombs of Valentino, Fairbanks and the stars of Norma’s milieu. Picnic at sunset amongst Hollywood history and watch the gothic noir masterpiece unfold under the stars.

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