2001: A Space Odyssey

Saturday, August 20th

the Movie...

Directed by Stanley Kubrick (1968, 2h 41m)
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / $16
Doors 7:15/ Movie 9:00

Stanley Kubrick’s mind-blowing masterpiece is the ultimate trip. Epic in scope and breathtaking on the big screen, it abounds with rich photography and incredible special effects that still dazzle. A meditation on space, humanity and the mysteries of the universe, it is riveting and hallucinatory.

A mysterious object is found on the moon of alien origin. When the object begins to beam signals, it’s ‘instructions’ direct man, and an intelligent computer named HAL, far into deep space and beyond. Don’t miss this special screening under the stars with one of the greatest films ever made. With a themed photobooth and DJ Cut Chemist spinning before and after the movie.

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