Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

Saturday, July 7th

the event...

Directed by Jay Roach (1997, 94 minutes)
Hollywood Forever Cemetery / $16
Gates at 7:15pm / Movie at 9pm

Shagadelic, baby! With Mike Myers, Fembots, and Mr. Bigglesworth in tow, it’s sure to be a one-of-a-kind psychedelic comedy romp!

Cryogenically frozen master spy Austin Powers awakens and brings the swinging 60s to the 90s while saving mankind from madman Dr. Evil. With sizzling Elizabeth Hurley to help, it’s up to Powers to save Londontown and the world in the bawdy spy spoof that’s overflowing with innuendo and colorful characters.

Practice your best ’yeah baby’ and dress up in your grooviest digs for our time warp photobooth!