Cinespia’s July calendar of outdoor movie screenings announced!

Celebrate Summer with Cinespia’s Star Spangled Lineup of July 2014 Cemetery Movies

Join us under the stars for our July 2014 series of film classics at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Upcoming Saturday night outdoor movie screenings include:

Coming to America on July 5th, starring Eddie Murphy and featuring an Independence Day Holiday Picnic!

“Eddie Murphy is an African prince looking for love in America. What better place than Queens, New York? Determined to find a woman who loves him for more than his wealth and power, the prince and his servant give up all comforts and move to the slums of New York City. Hilarious ’80s comedy from director John Landis (Animal House,Trading Places).”



GOLDFINGER on July 12th, starring Sean Connery

“James Bond under the stars! Sean Connery stars as 007 in the greatest of the series. Brimming with Bond gadgets, the female daredevil Pussy Galore, villain Odd Job with his deadly bowler hat and an Aston Martin with smokescreen and oil slick, this is Bond at his best. Mod fashions, fantastic sets and the searing soundtrack by John Barry made Goldfinger the blueprint for all spy films to come.”



BLUE VELVET on July 19th, starring Isabella Rosselini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper and Laura Dern

“Only the imagination of David Lynch could blend horror and beauty so eloquently. Terrifying, cryptic and funny, Blue Velvet is his master work. Jeffrey is a small town teen who gets caught in a web of mystery when he finds a human ear. Stars Laura Dern as the beautiful and innocent girl next door and Isabella Rossellini as the alluring nightclub singer. Also starring a very, very scary Dennis Hopper as Frank, one of the most ferocious and remarkable performances in cinema.”



EMPIRE RECORDS on July 26th, Allan Moyle’s teen against the machine classic.

“A ragtag group of kids who work at a record store join forces to save the store from being bought by a big chain. Stars Renee Zellweger, Robin Tunney and Liv Tyler. Join us for this funny, fast paced and oh so 90s classic. Damn the Man. Save the Empire!”


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend



1952: Marilyn in a rare color costume test for her infamous “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” number, this jewel encrusted costume never made it into the final cut!

Join us for Howard Hawks’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell June 21st at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.



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